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Our Baseboard Cleaning Service

Cleaning the baseboards is not a glamorous task, but it drastically improves the appearance of the rooms. Dust, scuff marks, dents, scrapes, and pet hair accumulate on baseboards, making a tidy house look filthy.

The more elaborate and ornate the baseboards are, the more frequently they must be cleaned. Our baseboard cleaning services at MES provide a thorough and effective cleaning of your dirty baseboards. We make your property appear fresh and fragrant with cleaned baseboards.

You’ll be surprised at how brighter the surrounding space appears after cleaning the baseboards with our services. Our cleaners are trained to work with various materials and finishes while ensuring that they are not damaged during the cleaning process. Furthermore, we exclusively use non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning agents, ensuring the safety of your children and pets.

Our team takes the following steps when cleaning:

  • Vacuum. Our team will brush the boards with the upholstery brush attachment to loosen and collect dust. Our vacuum has a long wand, so we will vacuum the baseboards while walking around the home instead of bending over.

  • Wash. We fill a bucket halfway with boiling water and a cup of vinegar or a few drops of dish soap. Then we wipe down the baseboards with a microfiber cloth and soapy water. At a time, we only work on one tiny part. Once that piece is clean, we dry it with a new cloth before moving on to the next section to clean.

  • Scrub. Scuffs on the baseboards can be removed with a dry-cleaning sponge. Rather than starting with a microfiber cloth, we use this sponge for additional cleaning power the entire time we clean.

Schedule a cleaning with us today, and allow us to make your home or office a place that people are proud to visit. When it comes to the best environment services in the United States – we are definitely right on top!

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