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Automotive Industry Cleaning

MES Cleaning Services offer exceptional cleaning services, when it comes to the automotive industry. With our reliable employees and advanced machinery, we can quickly clean the specified areas, whether surfaces in the cleanroom, the air that fills it, or the carpets lying.

Spills of oil or grease in automotive cleanrooms can endanger the cleanliness of the cleanroom and produce slippery surfaces and a hazardous work environment. MD Cleaning services are good at removing those stains in an instant.

Our experts maintain clean floors by following a plan of sweeping and mopping and cleaning and sterilizing all surfaces with advanced pieces of machinery, such as wet scrubbers, dry floor cleaners, etc. 

All cleanroom components, including wall and floor surfaces, furniture, lighting, and other cleanroom components, can be cleared by our maintenance staff. Using chemical consumables and different materials, such as microfiber cloths, the walls, and other areas can be cleaned with high detail. When it comes to grease spots, our cleaning staff makes sure that the specific chemicals are utilized to wipe them off completely. 

We also regularly inspect our equipment and require staff to wear appropriate protective equipment to restrict contact with equipment and parts. Cleaning your vehicle-oriented areas is our prime concern, significantly reducing contamination of different types and ensuring quality. 

Our staff is appropriately educated on cleaning the area without reintroducing pollutants. Also, we make sure that the aroma and bad odor that prevails is eliminated completely.

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