Post Construction Cleaning Services

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Prepare Your New Property

With MES’s post-construction cleaning services, our specialists will clean and prepare your new property for move-in and set up once your construction is completed and all remains have been removed.

We will guarantee that your new property is welcoming, clean, and pleasant. We collaborate closely with contractors and other experts to ensure that your schedules and deadlines are met, as we realize how unpredictable construction can be.

However, often during construction, there is always something left that needs to be finalized before the access to the owner is handed over. These extra tasks include a thorough cleaning of the entire facility, sometimes known as post-construction cleaning.


After all the necessary plumbing and electrical work are completed, this is when the first phase begins of the cleaning process. The first and most essential task in this phase is to remove vital things, such as debris, trash, leftover materials, and other items that cannot be vacuumed.


This phase is the most labor-intensive step of our post-construction cleaning service, and it requires a large number of cleaning materials and equipment. In this phase, sinks, toilets, windows, and cabinets are just a few of the installed components thoroughly cleaned.


The final cleaning phase is known as the touch-up cleaning. This last step is conducted slightly later after the light clean phase so that dust and grime can settle. As a result, our cleaning crew will have more time to focus on the final dust removal phase.

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