Commonly Missed Places in Your Home During Your Deep Cleaning

Person wiping phone with yellow cloth.

Deep cleaning your home is not only important, it can also be quite rewarding. When deep cleaning, you often overlook certain areas that may accumulate dust, dirt, and grime over time. If you want to ensure thorough cleaning, you should pay close attention to some commonly missed places that may go unnoticed.

In this blog, we’ll highlight some of these commonly ignored areas so you can focus on them during your next home deep cleaning session.

Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Light fixtures and ceiling fans can accumulate dirt and dust when positioned high up and out of sight. During deep cleaning, these areas are often neglected but shouldn’t be. You can dust the fan blades and wipe down the fixtures with a microfiber cloth with an extendable handle. When these areas are cleaned, your indoor air quality will also improve.

Moldings and Baseboards

Moldings and baseboards are prone to collecting debris, dust, and pet hair. A proper deep cleaning session should include cleaning these surfaces with a gentle cleanser and a damp cloth. Pay close attention to the corners where dust tends to collect.

Cleaning moldings and baseboards creates a neater and cleaner appearance, prevents the spread of allergens, and contributes to a healthy living environment.

Behind Appliances

When deep cleaning the kitchen, we commonly focus on visible surfaces and tend to ignore the areas hidden behind the appliances. When cleaning, make sure to move the stove, refrigerator, and other larger appliances so you can clean the floor underneath and remove accumulated spills, dust, and food particles.

You should also clean the back of these appliances to remove grease and dirt buildup. This will improve the overall cleanliness of your kitchen and improve the longevity and efficiency of your appliances.

Person using surface cleaner to wipe surface.

Blinds and Window Tracks

Window blinds and tracks are often overlooked during deep cleaning routines. These areas can harbor dirt, dust, and even mold if left ignored. You can use a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove the loose from window tracks and then wipe with a damp cloth. For blinds, use a microfiber cloth to dust the surface. With cleaner windows, you’ll have a fresher overall environment and improved indoor air quality.

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