The Top 5 Areas to Focus on When Cleaning Your Commercial Space

Person mopping commercial building

Maintaining an organized and clean commercial space is important for creating a positive and professional environment. A clean workspace elevates the overall aesthetics, ensures the health and safety of everyone on the premises, and promotes employee productivity.

When it comes to cleaning a commercial space, you should always prioritize specific areas of your property to get the best results. Here are all the major areas you must focus on when cleaning your commercial space.

1. Reception Area and Entrances

The entrance to the premises and the reception areas are usually the first points of contact for all visitors and clients. These areas should always be free of dirt, debris, and clutter. To that end, make sure to regularly clean the floor and wipe down the surfaces in this area. Also, ensure that the signage and display areas are well-maintained.

2. Restrooms

Well-stocked and clean restrooms are important for maintaining a comfortable and hygienic environment for visitors and employees. Pay close attention to disinfecting the surfaces, ensure proper ventilation, and regularly restock the supplies. Regular cleaning will prevent the spread of germs and maintain a pleasant experience.

3. Common Areas and Workstations

Workstations, desks, and common areas such as conference rooms and break rooms should be cleaned regularly. Remove clutter, sanitize high-touch areas like telephones, keyboards, doorknobs, etc., and dust all surfaces. Also, encourage employees to keep their individual spaces clean and organized and give them access to cleaning supplies for touch-ups.

 Person wiping telephone with a microfiber cloth

4. Carpets and Floors

The floors in a commercial space get a lot of foot traffic which can lead to stains, dirt, and wear and tear. Make sure to mop hard floors with appropriate cleaning solutions, spot-clean all spills, and vacuum carpets regularly to keep the floor and carpet spotlessly clean and hygienic. The best way to do this is to hire a commercial floor cleaning service.

5. Glass Surfaces and Windows

Clean, streak-free glass surfaces and windows can make your office look brighter and more inviting. You should consider hiring a professional window cleaning service with the tools and equipment to ensure your glass surfaces are clean so that more natural light makes its way inside the building.

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