The Differences Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning Methods

Professional cleaning, be it residential or commercial, can have a significant impact on your property. Organizing, regular upkeep, and cleaning can improve your space’s indoor air quality, aesthetic appeal, and value. However, you must understand the differences between residential and commercial cleaning methods before hiring a cleaning company.

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Area Coverage

Residential cleaning services are suitable for cleaning homes, multistory residential buildings, apartments, and condos. Whereas commercial cleaning methods can be used for cleaning large business places like warehouses, airport lounges, hospitals, and fitness centers.

A professional housecleaning team uses cleaning tools like vacuum cleaners, mops, microfiber cloths, and glass cleaners for household cleaning and sanitation.

On the contrary,commercial cleaning methods have a larger scope, and they cover bigger surface areas.Commercial cleaning methods are a step up from residential cleaning techniques and require more complex equipment like industrial brooms, disk scrubbers, and backpack vacuums.


Residential cleaning expertsperform their job with highvigilance.

Homeowners expect cleaning experts to carefully handle furniture, décor, and other valuable belongings during a cleaning process.Residential cleaners have to pick objects, clean them, and place household items in their original spots. They’ll have more one-on-one client interaction and, therefore, should maintain a well-groomed, professional demeanor.

Office cleaning or commercial cleaning teams perform faster and all-encompassing cleaning tasks. It doesn’t mean that they’re less meticulous. They’re focused on fulfilling complicatedcleaning requirements mentioned in a commercial cleaning contract. Commercial cleaning companies are specialized in fire, wood, post-construction, and renovation cleanups.

Types of Cleaning Equipment and Workers’ Expertise

It’s a no-brainer that residential and commercial cleaning team possess different skill setsand types of equipment. You obviously don’t need a cleaning expert to enter your cozy apartment with a huge vacuum cleaner or chemical-based disinfectants.

Residential cleaning involves cleaning solutions for glass, sinks, walls, tiles, and upholstery, along with carpet vacuums, feather dusters, and brushes. Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, varies according to a business facility’s features, such as flooring type, high-traffic areas, surface exposure, etc.

Project Timeline

Residential cleaning services are mostly available in the daytime in the presence of homeowners so they can keep an eye on the cleaning team. Commercial cleaning methods are noisierandmore thorough. Your commercial cleaning team will usually arrive after the employees have left workplace.

You can, however, hire a commercial cleaning company during the day as long as it doesn’t obstruct smooth business operations and workers’ productivity. Visit our website to learn about our cleaning or janitorial team in Memphis!

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