How Retail Distribution Centers Maintain Hygiene

Distribution centers play an integral part in the entire supply chain process. They offer a pit stop to your product cartons and crates on their way to sellers and buyers. Hence, maintaining and improving your distribution center’s hygiene should be your ultimate priority.

Day in and day out, retail distribution managers often focus on proper shelving, storage, and product transportation. But they forget to pay attention to their facility’s cleanliness and hygiene.

Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

Human hands are responsible for transmitting almost 80% of communicable diseases. The OSHA and CDC strongly recommend retail distribution managers maintain high cleanliness standards in their facilities to ensure worker and product safety.

At M.D Environmental Services, LLC, our expert commercial cleaning team can help you maximize your business efficiency. Our team is well-versed in the most advanced cleaning and sanitation practices. Hiring a professional cleaning company is surely one of the best decisions you can take for your business site. We offer modern cleaning equipment, rapid communication, and 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Check out our service portfolio here.

Provide Proper PPE to Your Workers

Having a commercial cleaning and janitorial company on board is one thing, but you must also prioritize equipping and training your employees. Proper inventory handling and correct sanitation practices are vital for customer satisfaction.

Your retail distribution employees should have access to clean water and cleaning supplies. They should wear gloves, hair caps, and protective vests to ensure product quality and cleanliness. Food distribution centers should have a stricter cleanliness code. Proper disinfection and cleaning practices can help keep pathogens, skin irritants, bacteria, viruses, and germs from contaminating food inventory.

Hand Sanitization Should Be Mandatory

Businesses have surely become more vigilant about office and worksite safety and cleanliness in the post-COVID era. Retail distribution center managers keep an eye on possible loopholes in their facility’s cleanliness for rapid treatments.

Opt for surface and hand sanitation products to prevent product contamination. Provide hand sanitizer dispensers to your employees and encourage their usage throughout shifts. Your workplace should meet state and local cleaning codes to prevent fines and penalties. A cleaner workplace environment will also have a positive impact on your workers’ performance.

Improve Your Workplace’s Cleaning Standards with Advanced Commercial Cleaning Services in Memphis

Keeping your business facility clean can have a positive impact on its performance, efficiency, and revenue. M.D. Cleaning Services LLC offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services for malls, shopping centers, warehouses, offices, and more.

Our team uses advanced equipment like ground maintenance tools, window cleaning solutions, sole cleaners, and industrial booms for maximum grime and germ elimination. You can talk to us about your facility’s unique needs or learn about our cleaning equipment here.