What Type Of Cleaning Services Do Drugstores And Pharmacies Need?

Since pharmacies and drugstores store a variety of different medications and chemicals, they require professional cleaning services to maintain their standards. Otherwise, they might risk getting their license revoked. Pharmacy and drugstore cleaning is based on two steps; cleaning and disinfection.

The cleaning part removes all the dirt, debris, grime, grease, and mold. On the other hand, the disinfectant part gets rid of the bacteria and germs left after the cleaning phase. Because of the medicines, special cleaning agents are required to prevent contamination and keep the cleaning process safe.

Here’s how it’s done:

Using Professional Cleaning Services

General cleaning in drugstores is good enough to keep things going during business hours, but once in a while, you need to deep clean everything to prevent any mold formation or contamination. A professional cleaning service like MD Environmental Service with CMI (The Cleaning Management Institute) certification is trained to use the right equipment to deep clean the place. Not just that, but a cleaning service can disinfect the treatment area, use antibacterial products for cleaning, and clean hard-to-reach areas.

Process Of Professional Cleaning Services For Pharmacies

Getting Rid Of The Dust And Spills

The first step in deep cleaning a pharmacy is getting rid of the surface-level dirt. This includes dusting the shelves and cleaning out the storage area, cabinets, roof, and chemical spills. Common cleaning equipment is used in this process. The trained cleaners rely on sponges, brushes, and wipes to eliminate all the dirt and debris.

Using Alkaline Cleaners

Once the basic cleaning is done, it’s time for the next step, which is disinfecting. Alkaline cleaners like sodium or potassium hydroxide, chlorine, and trisodium phosphates are used to thoroughly clean gels, petrolatum, and dyes. On the other hand, acid-based cleaners like citric acid and acetic acid are used for titanium dioxide deposits, grease, and chemical scaling.

Since these chemicals are harmful, adequate care is needed to handle them. This is why you should opt for a certified cleaning service with trained staff. Mishandling these chemicals can lead to damage to the medicines and equipment corrosion.

Using Proper Cleaning Equipment

Some areas of the drugstore require heavy-duty cleaning equipment to get rid of the dirt. Equipment such as ride-on sweepers, steam cleaners, wide-area vacuum cleaners, and dry floor sweepers are some commonly used equipment. Staff needs proper training to operate the equipment to prevent any damage to the pharmacy. Moreover, the equipment used should fit the design of the drugstore, or else they won’t be as effective.

Hire Commercial Cleaning Services In Memphis

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